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Credit Card/Credit Card Security

Chemical Feeding Technologies, Inc. has been accepting Visa, Master Card and American Express credit cards for many years now. Security of our corporate server has always been a high priority and we have utilized outside IT services to ensure that we had the best firewall available with secure passwords. During the last year it has become evident that even multinational organizations with extensive in-house IT services are not able to keep the bad guys from gaining access to computer servers with important information stored on them.

With the acceptance that it is impossible to keep the bad guys out, at CFTI we have elected to not store any sensitive customer information on our server. All credit card information for an order is handwritten on a paper “credit card” form. This form is paper clipped to the sales order and when the order is completed the credit card form is shredded in a cross cut shredder.

This procedure means that for every credit card order we must ask you for your credit card information, again. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by not having your credit card information “on file”, but we believe that by not storing your credit card information we provide the best possible security for your credit card information.


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