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MIOX On-Site Generation

While chlorine gas has been the predominant method of disinfection for most of the 20th century, there has been a shift away from chlorine gas since the 1980’s.  The shift away from chlorine gas has usually been done in the interest of safety. 

Many organizations have switched from chlorine gas to either 12.5% sodium hypochlorite (bleach) or 65% calcium hypochlorite (powder or tablets).  However, both sodium hypochlorite and calcium hypochlorite are hazardous materials at these concentration.  If you examine accident reports over many decades, you will actually find that there are many more “chlorine” accidents with sodium hypochlorite and calcium hypochlorite than there are with chlorine gas.

If the switch from chlorine gas is being done in the interest of “safety” then the only correct choice will be on-site disinfection with sodium hypochlorite.  All Miox on-site generating systems produce sodium hypochlorite at concentrations less than 1%, which is considered non-hazardous.

Since Miox rates their cells based on pounds-per-day equivalent chlorine production, you can use the sizing formula for chlorine gas to determine the size of on-site generator required for a specific application.  For example, if you calculate that a system requires 5 PPD of chlorine, then you would select a Miox system with a cell rated for 10 PPD of chlorine production.

Chlorine Gas Feeder Sizing
Process flow rate (GPM) X
Dosage (PPM) X 1440 minutes/day X 8.32 #/gallon
Chlorine Feed Rate (PPD)
1,000,000 PPM Concentration
This formula will calculate the PPD feed rate for chlorine gas based on the GPM flow rate and the PPM dosage.

Sodium Hypochlorite vs. Mixed Oxidants

Miox on-site generators can be provided to produce just sodium hypochlorite (0.8%), or mixed oxidants.  The mixed oxidant systems produce sodium hypochlorite (0.4%) with “other” oxidants. While at this time there is no known analytical method to identify the other oxidants, there are numerous third party studies documenting that mixed oxidants are a stronger disinfectant than just chlorine.  For example, mixed oxidants have been shown in repeated studies to kill cryptosporidium, while chlorine alone will not kill cryptosporidium.  We expect that in 2008 Miox will have documentation that identifies the other oxidants in the mixed oxidant solution.

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