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Products Offered by CFTI

Potable Water Tank Mixers

Kasco Marine has been designing and manufacturing submersible mixers since 1968 for use in ponds and lakes. When Kasco found out that some customers had placed their Kasco mixer into water tanks, they realized there was a new market for submersible mixers and in 2016 they obtained NSF certification of four of their mixers for use in potable water systems. Kasco produces in excess of 10,000 mixers per year, for all their markets, which is more than their two major potable water competitors have produced in their corporate lifetimes. Kasco’s 50+ years of experience producing 10s of thousands of submersible mixers leads to the most reliable potable water mixer available. The Kasco mixer comes standard with a three (3) year warranty on the mixer and the control panel.

Kasco Marine

Gas Chlorinators

Gas chlorination has been around since the 1920s and has been the industry standard since that time.  Over the last 25 years there has been much political pressure applied to replace chlorine gas in the name of “safety”.  While chlorine gas has historically provided the most bang for the buck, additional requirements for safety equipment and safety training have raised the cost to disinfect with chlorine gas.  With our many years of experience with gas chlorination systems we can make sure that you have a system that meets your needs and the accepted safety standards.

Hydro Instruments

Tablet Chlorinators

Calcium hypochlorite (cal hypo) is supplied in 65% concentration. The other 35% are binders to hold the chlorine in tablet form until it is dissolved. While some of the binders do dissolve, not all of them do and will end up in the bottom of the solution tank. Also, when you dissolve cal hypo tablets the pH of the chlorine solution is raised into the caustic range. If you are dissolving your cal hypo tablets with hard water and you raise the pH of the hard water calcium carbonate with precipitate out of your water. This calcium carbonate will settle out in the bottom of the solution tank as well as the metering pump and piping. While Cal hypo is easy to use and store, it tends to be a high maintenance method of disinfection.

While Trochlor-s-trizinetrione (Trichlor) has been used in swimming pools for many years, it has recently been approved for use in drinking water. Trichlor is 90% chlorine and only 10% binders. The 10% binders all dissolve so they do not build-up in the bottom of the solution tank. Also, when Trichlor dissolves it reduces the pH of the dissolving water which has no affect on the calcium carbonate in hard water. Trichlor provides all the benefits of cal hypo tablets without the problems!

Once the cal hypo or Trichlor tablets are automatically dissolved into a day tank an educator or chemical metering pump is used to feed the chlorine solution whenever your well is running or your WTP is flowing.

Horizon Tri-Chlor tablet feeder

 A full range of feeders to handle well flow rates up to 2,000 GPM

Horizon Cal Hypo tablet feeder

A full range of feeders to handle well flow rates up to 2,000 GPM

AllChem Industries

MIOX On-site Chlorine Generator

While conversion of salt water to chlorine has been around since the early 1900s it was always a large scale process, until the early 1990s.  In 1994 Miox, Inc. started producing on-site generators sized for municipal water wells.  If safety is a concern, then on-site generation of sodium hypochlorite (bleach) is the only method to consider, the solution that is generated is less than 1% concentration and non-hazardous. The only chemical handled in the process is salt.

Miox, Inc. also offers a mixed oxidant generator that produces 0.4% sodium hypochlorite plus other oxidants that produce a stronger disinfectant than just sodium hypochlorite.  Miox has 3rd party studies that show that the mixed oxidants will kill Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

MIOX Corporation

Chemical Metering Pumps

While there are many liquid chemicals used in the water and waste water industries, sodium hypochlorite (bleach) is the dominant chemical.  12.5% bleach is one of the more difficult chemicals to pump because it is very “gassy”.  The chlorine gas will come out of solution and buildup in the pump and then gas bind the pump head.  With our many years of experience we can help make sure that you get the correct pump for your application.

FloMotion peristaltic pumps

Peristaltic (hose) pumps have been around for years but have been limited in pressure and flow rates. Because of this, they have typically been used in waste water applications. Improvements in tube/hose technology over recent years have greatly improved the operating range of peristaltic pumps and they are finding many more applications in the water industries.

The most beneficial use of peristaltic pumps is with 12.5% sodium hypochlorite solution (bleach). Many water facilities transitioned from chlorine gas to bleach in the name of safety, without realizing how much more difficult it is to feed bleach instead of chlorine gas. The biggest problem with bleach is that it is very “gassy” and will cause a diaphragm metering pump to gas bind (the same as air binding, but with chlorine gas). This happens because 12.5% bleach is very unstable. At 12.5% the chlorine gas that is in solution does not want to be in solution. When you shut off the metering pump the chlorine gas that is in the bleach in the pump head will come out of solution. When the pump is restarted the pump head is gas locked and will not pump. This requires intervention by an operator to get the pump re-primed and feeding again. Peristaltic pumps solve this problem because peristaltic pumps can pump gas, liquid or a combination of gas and liquid.

FloMotion Systems has a complete line of peristaltic pumps that are manufactured in the United States.

LMI Milton Roy

Pulsafeeder, Inc.

Chlorine Gas Leak Detectors

If you determine that chlorine gas is the best disinfection method, you need to have an automatic gas detection system to alarm if there is a chlorine gas leak. Alarms can be local or transmitted to your SCADA system. In addition, the leak detector can be connected to an automatic chorine emergency shut-off actuator system (see below).

Hydro Instruments

Chlorine Emergency Shut-off Valves

Chlorine emergency shut-off actuators mount directly on the chlorine cylinder valve and will automatically close the chlorine cylinder when an alarm contact is received.  The alarm contact can be from a chlorine gas detector or a panic button.  Emergency shut-off actuators are the cost effective means of meeting all national fire code requirements for chlorine safety devices.

Halogen Valve Systems, Inc.

Chemical Scales

Scales will allow you to monitor your chemical usage.  Depending on the model you select you may just have a local display indicating remaining chemical or you can have electronic models that will allow you to transmit remaining weight to your SCADA system and generate low weight alarms or even excessive rate-of-change alarms.


Chlorine Residual Analyzer

Wall mount chlorine residual analyzers provide a continuous record of the residual present in your process.  They can also provide high and low alarms to notify you that the disinfection process is not operating properly.

Hydro Instruments

Fiberglass Buildings

Prefabricated fiberglass enclosures can be a cost effective way of housing your chemical feeding equipment and protecting it from the harsh desert environment.

Warminster Fiberglass

Water Quality Testing

We offer a complete line of hand held digital test equipment to allow you to monitor water quality at remote locations.


Field and laboratory test kits and reagents

Orbeco-Helige offers a full line of laboratory and portable test kits for water analysis in the water/waste water industries and pools/spas. If you are presently testing with a Hach instrument, checkout Orbeco-Helige for a comparable instrument at a lower cost. Also, all Orbeco-Helige reagents are formulated as direct replacements for Hach reagents. So you can continue to use your Hach test kit with Orbeco-Helige reagents to save 20% -30% over Hach reagents.

We carry DPD powder pillows and DPD powder dispensers in stock at CFTI.

Palintest, Ltd.

Digital and non-digital test kits and low/high range DPD and pH tablets

We carry several digital and non-digital DPD and pH test kits along with test tablets in stock at CFTI

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