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About CFTI

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a complete line of chemical feeding products from various manufacturers to meet the needs of our customers.

During the last 30 years disinfection has changed from a relatively simple process to a much more complicated process with concerns about safety, disinfection by-products, and alternative disinfection methods. We have, and will remain, in the forefront of new disinfection technology.

We carry a full line of chlorination feeding products, from state of the art on-site chlorine generation systems to bleach metering pumps, tablet feeders, and the long time industry standard of chlorine gas.

The staff at Chemical Feeding Technologies, Inc. average over 30 years of water treating experience and are ready to help you reduce costs and improve operating efficiency.

Company Profile

Chemical Feeding Technologies, Inc. started business in 1977 as Blaine Ingram, Inc.  At that time we were the Wallace & Tiernan distributor for Arizona.  In 1986 Blaine Ingram, Inc. was purchased by Rick Reed and Jerry Heiss, who also owned Chlorinators & Controls, Inc. in San Diego, Ca.  Blaine Ingram, Inc. continued as the Wallace & Tiernan distributor until 1999.

Until the late 1980's the water and waste water industries were pretty stable and not much changed.  However, with increasing Federal and State regulations, the industry was forced to start changing.  Through participation in industry trade shows and reading  industry publications we were able to be aware of the changes and evaluate them relative to our markets.

In 1994 a brand new company named Miox started up, offering on-site generation of sodium hypochlorite with a twist, mixed oxidants.  The mixed oxidants offered a better disinfectant than just chlorine, and Blaine Ingram, Inc. signed up to represent Miox in Arizona.  At that time Wallace & Tiernan had an on-site disinfection product, that they had been producing since the 1950s but it was not suited for the municipal market. W&T did not see that there was a municipal market for on-site generation. 

By 1997 W&T recognized that they had misjudged the on-site generating market and rushed a revised on-site generating unit (OSEC) to market that was produced at their facility in England.  Comparison of the Miox and W&T systems led Blaine Ingram, Inc. to believe that the Miox system was superior in both design and performance.  In 1997 and 1998 W&T asked Blaine Ingram, Inc. to sell OSEC instead of Miox and we declined.  In 1999 W&T gave us an ultimatum to discontinue selling Miox or lose our distributor relationship with W&T.

Though we had been associated with W&T for 22 years and they represented 60% of our business, at that time we elected to discontinue our relationship with W&T.  We replaced the W&T gas chlorination business with Regal and the W&T metering pumps with LMI and Pulsafeeder.  Many of our long time customers have elected to switch from W&T to our new product lines.

For many years after purchasing Blaine Ingram, Inc. we wanted to change the name but feared that might confuse some of our customers. We recognized that discontinuing our relationship with W&T might also cause confusion for some of our other customers. So we elected to simultaneously drop W&T and change our name to Chemical Feeding Technologies, Inc., in order to combine all the confusion into a one-time occurrence.

In addition to always evaluating new products that might help our customers, we also keep a close eye on office technologies.  In 1995 the decision was made to take advantage of advances in computer and phone technologies and cut back the office staff to two people, Susann Biri and Rick Reed.  By taking advantage of technology we can handle the up and downs in our markets without having to hire and fire new people.   If you are a real long time customer, you will know Susann from Blaine Ingram, Inc. from 1978 to 1984!  We brought her back in 1989 and she has been here since then.

If you look at our product listing you will notice that it is not as long as most of our competitors.  That is the result of a decision we made after purchasing Blaine Ingram, Inc. - limit the number of products, but be really good with the ones that we have.  While most distributors have many products listed, you will find that they really only sell a few of them. 

By limiting our staff size and product line we do place some limits on what we can do.  However, by limiting staff size and product line we can be very good at what we do.  While we believe that we offer some of the best products available, ultimately, the only thing we have to offer is better customer service.  Check us out and let us know if we are doing it

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